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Face Mask 4 Strati Lavable

Face Mask Christine Headwear 4 layers

  • Reusable
  • Up to 30 washes
  • Antibacterial
  • Hydrorepellent

Layer 1 (external)
Hydroreopellent, prevents the inhalation of dangerous and wet particles.

Layer 2 and 3
Clothed cloth treated with antimicrobial Agion technology

Layer 4 (internal)
Traspirant and soft on the skin,treated also with antimicrobial Agion technology

-Our face mask is a 4-layer mask. The front layer is made in polyester hydroreopellate, the two intermediate layers filtering in non-woven fabric and the inner layer are treated / impregnated with a technology to the silver ions of Sciessent. This technology has been used for several years and has demonstrated the ability to inhibit bacteria. The inner layer is made in soft cotton.
-Our face mask is filtering (ranked FFP1 R) and can be reused after washing.
-washing is recommended before use.
-Wash your hands or use a disinfectant on your hands before touching the mask. Place the mask so that it covers both the nose and the mouth. The small label with the logo must be turned outwit on the left side of the face.
-Wash your hands before removing the mask. Remove the mask by grabbing the elastics for the ears and avoid touching the front of the mask. Put the mask in a bag and seal it until it is possible to wash it. Subsequently wash your hands.
-The mask should only be worn for 3 hours with a pause of 30 before resuming its use. If breathing problems are encountered during the use of the mask, this must be removed immediately.
-Always wash the mask after use and do not use it if it has been worn by others.
-The mask can be washed in washing machine in a bag for laundry at 40 degrees or washed by hand with normal detergent. The mask can be washed up to 30 times.
-The duration of the mask expires within 3 months of the first use.

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