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Alopecia Areata is an autoimmune disease, in which the immune system mistakenly attacks the follicles that produce the hair and dander, causing them to fall. Are not very clear yet the causes of this disease and to date has not yet been found a remedy definitive.

Doctors believe that people suffering from alopecia are predisposed genetically and that hair loss start following a precipitating factor, such as a virus or an emotional shock.

Alopecia it is frustrating especially because it is a disease that is unpredictablein some cases you will lose hair only in one spot, in others fall mottled in the most difficult situations serious hair loss is total and may also refer to the hairs of the body. The hair (and the hair lost can grow back and not fall more, regrow and then go back to fall cyclically, or regrow a different colour.

At the moment there is no cure definitive for alopeciabut only drugs that can control the disease for short periods or to limit the effects, such as cortisone. Apart from the hair loss, the disease has no other physical symptoms, however, may have heavy psychological consequences. Those who see their hair fall suddenly can turn in on itself, suffer from low self-esteem, have problems to socialize.

Turbante Yoga fantasia a nido d'ape
Turbante Lotus fantasia nera e rossa

As already said, unfortunately there are no treatments definitive for alopecia, but there are ways to make less visible the issue, as wigs or turbans for hair loss.The line of headgear Christine Headwear it was designed specifically for people who have lost hair due to chemotherapy or alopecia.

Compared to a headgear normal, the turbans for alopecia need to manage the volumerecreating the effect of swelling given by the hair. In the turbans of Christine is always present in abundance on the back, that can be molded to taste. Also the interlaced ribbons on the front or the small folds that create models of viscose of bamboo are a gimmick to create the volume effect.

Another important aspect is the the quality of the materials used.Turbans for alopecia are worn often in direct contact with the skin, for this you need to use natural materials, breathable effect with a thermoregulator, such as cotton, silk, milk fiber, or rayon from bamboo.

Do not underestimate the psychological support a turban for alopecia must give to those who see the fall of their hair. Christine offers two collections a year with so many fashion modelsin solid color or in elegant patterns. Turbans with tapes, headphones, hair that help to solve a problem and... to improve the mood!

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