Il Marchio CE - Christine Headwear

Turbante in viscosa di bambù beige con decorazione laterale

All the turbans and headwear Christine Headwear are designed to be used by women who have lost their hair because of illnesses or treatments.

Protecting the head from the sun and from the cold are a valid help to relieve physical and psychological discomfort due to the loss of hair.

It is for this that the products Christine Headwear have the CE mark, i.e. they are classified as the clothing doctor, in accordance with the EU directives on medical devices (93/42/ECC).

The CE mark required by european regulation requires compliance with the stringent standards relating to the design, the quality of the materials used and the manufacturing processes to ensure products are appropriate and safe for end users. Products Christine Headwear are therefore subject to continuous checks throughout the production process to meet the stringent requirements.

NOTE: Thanks to the CE marking, the expenditure may be deducted from the income statement.

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