Chemotherapy? On the skin and natural fabrics

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One of the effects of chemotherapy, as we know, is to make the skin extremely sensitive. You may experience problems such as dryness and brittleness. In particular, the scalpduring and after hair loss, can bevery sensitive and sometimes sore. Protect it with a hat is certainly a solution that can help to relieve this feeling is to find some peace of mind. Are shown in turbans and headgearmade exclusively innatural materials, with which they are producedbreathable fabrics and hypoallergenic, therefore they are ideal for the skin extremely delicate.

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A look at the turbans Christine

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The lineheadwear Christine Headwear includes a wide range of turbans with tapes, headphones, tapes and headband; all hats are made exclusively of natural materials – such as viscose, bamboo, linen, cotton, milk fibre, cashmere – that make them breathable and hypoallergenic. In addition, most of the models are available in different solid colors and patterns to the fashion and you will surely find the model and color that most impress you. You can discover the best-loved models!
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What is the size of a turban?

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"What is the size of this turban?" it is a question that often comes to us in the mail.
Many women wonder if the turban who are going to buy will fit made to measure or if it will be too wide or too narrow.

It is a doubt is more than legitimate!

A headgear must wrap firmly to give the wearer a feeling of security and, at the same time, have a fit gentle to avoid irritating the skin. 

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Come indossare un turbante Sapphire

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I turbanti Sapphire dalle fantasie floreali e dai colori accessi avvolgono donando volume e un tocco elegante ed insieme eccentrico. Si differenziano tra loro per fantasie, colori e tipologie di tessuti, ma hanno tutti la stessa forma: sono composti da due pezzi,  una cuffia con fascia e un lungo nastro rimovibile.
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How to wash a hat Christine

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If you have purchased a headwear Christine Headwear you may have been wondering what is the correct mode for the dry. The specific indications are reported in the internal part of the shell, where you will find printed some symbols international washing...

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Turbans for alopecia

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Alopecia is a disease that leads to hair loss, total or partial,, temporary or not. At the moment there is no cure definitive, but there are solutions that help psychologically sick, such as the use of headgear specific. Turbans for alopecia Christine Headwear allow you to manage the volumerecreating the effect of swelling given by the hair. Also are made of natural materials and breathable, so as not to irritate the skin.

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