2018 February, 01 1 minutes

The turban Shanti combines practicality and femininity.The form of Shanti is inspired explicitly to the turbans of the mold of the middle east, obtained by wrapping around the head in one or more bands of fabric. However, Shanti, being no ribbons to tie, it is ready to be worn!

It is in fact a cap made with a fabric that folds intersect one another, creating volume and a very refined.

Shanti has a great fit: it's as easy to wear as it does not need adjustments of fabric, wraps it gently and firmly the head, surrounding the face with elegance.

You can find Shanti in the beautiful three-color patterns, black/grey, black/beige and black/blueand all the shades in the solid color of the collection Soft Line!

But it does not end here! Each new collection offers Shanti in colors and patterns ispiraie to the tone of the season: warm and light colours for the summer, deep color and intense for the winter. Click here and discover Shanti in all colors and patterns available!

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