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Headgear Christine not only serve to make you feel at ease, they are also a fantastic fashion accessory! In particular the turbans ribbons can be tied in various ways, just like the scarves, adapting to your way of being. Day after day after day. Not want to give up your elegance? You are a person of class? Or a sport? Watch yourself on the pictures below to get an idea of the possibilities:

turbante Sapphire Boho
turbante Mantra grigio con fiori

Turbans Christine are designed to be fast and immediate to wear, unlike traditional scarves. Thanks to the ribbons in the shape of small scarves present at the base of turbans, it is possible to create aesthetic effects such as volume or decorations. The tapes, in fact:

give volume

can be knotted sideways

or creating decorations such as “interdependence” or "flowers":

If that's not enough consider that these headgear are manufactured with materials of excellent quality such as viscose from bamboo, 100% cotton.

If today you want to feel elegant, no fear! These scarves are real turbans that allow you to choose which look will be your headgear today.

Good hairstyle!

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2016 June, 10

Sono bellissimi, appena possibile li acquisterò.


2016 May, 25

Vorrei conoscere i prezzi grazie


2016 March, 05

molto belli e molto particolari

anna paola
anna paola

2015 May, 29

vorrei sapere se a bologna avete un negozio per venire a provare e comprare direttamente. Grazie

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