2017 August, 31 2 minutes

Came the new the autumn/winter collection, the Christine Headwear! Turbans with beautiful patterns to fashion, autumn colors, models stylish, comfortable hats with revolutionary technology to protect themselves from the cold... Discover all the important novelties of this season:

Turbante Lotus - Fantasia Astratta - Collezione Christine Headwear Autunno-Inverno 2017/2018

A new model of turban suitable for every occasion

With the turban Shakti you can get a sophisticated look by leaving visible the embroidery in the front, or adopt a more classic style, covering the embroidery with a part of the fabric.

Turbante Shakti - Collezione Autunno Inverno

Three new patterns in rayon from bamboo

As with every season, Christine Headwear has 3 new patterns for the models of viscose bamboo:
  • Fancy Leaf-White/Black - cod. 0501
  • Fantasy Paisley Autumn - cod. 0506
  • Abstract Pattern Blue/Pink/Black - cod. 0499

All three patterns are available in the band Chitta and in the headphones Yoga and the Lotus,while two of them (fantasy, abstract, and paisley) are also proposed in the model Karma and in the turban with ribbons Mantra.

Nuove Fantasie - Collezione Autunno Inverno 2017-2018

This winter, the headphone Shanti is enriched with a new fantasy reason two-tone white/black (cod. 0503).

Turbante Shanti con Fantasia a Foglie Bianco/Nero

Fabric 37.5® Technology: a new material for optimum comfort

Thanks to the revolutionary technology 37.5®Christine Headwear is able to offer you a series of 3 turbans, lightweight and cutting-edgemodels Becca, Bea and Beatrice. Their innovative material and free of chemicals allows you to keep the body temperature constant at 37.5 degrees and guarantee you an optimal comfort every time.

Turbante Beatrice - Tessuto 37.5® Technology

Two new colors of solid color in the line to the Soft Line

Very easy to match with any outfit in autumn or winter colors grey/brown and dark blue enrich the wide range of solid and blended colors of the line Soft Line (cod. 0084 and 0255).

Nuovi Colori - Collezione Autunno/Inverno 2017-2018

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