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The line headwear Christine Headwear includes a wide range of turbans with tapes, headphones, tapes and headband; all hats are made exclusively of natural materials – such as viscose, bamboo, linen, cotton, milk fibre, cashmere – that make them breathable and hypoallergenic. In addition, most of the models are available in different solid colors and patterns to the fashion and you will surely find the model and color that most impress you. You can discover the best-loved models!


The turban Shanti it is perfect if you want to combine exoticism and vintage; it is a cap in viscose of bamboo, the shape of which is reminiscent of the classic turban – a fabric that is very long and coiled around to the head creates the play of folds and frills. This model exists in different colors of solid color ranging from black to white, from warm colors to dark colors – and in different color patterns, like black-blue black-and-beige that will add a touch of elegance to your attire. Discover Shanti reading the blog!


The turban Mantra it has two long tapes which can be knotted in different ways, giving you the chance to use your imagination and your creativity: you can wear it and tie the ribbons in a simple behind the back; or you can tie the ribbons around the head and choose whether to make a bow on the side or in a simple knot. Mantra is available in various colors solid color is in the wonderful fantasies in very stylish and trendy and designed for all tastes that change according to season.


The turban Nadi for a look that is original and at the same time sophisticated thanks to the play of tone-on-tone applications, hand-sewn one-by-one. An extremely original design, combined with the wisdom of craftsmanship for a turban one of a kind!


The turban Shakti is the solution for women who seek a turban is suitable for all occasions. Worn with a sweatshirt and jeans or a long dress for a walk in a park or for an evening with friends, Shakti suits, wetsuit and thanks to the headband that hides or discovers the embroidery as you want!


The turban Lotus with the decoration side, which is reminiscent of a flower and fabric with plenty of give volume is one of the best selling models. Discover Lotus reading the blog!


The turban Yoga it's a headpiece with decorative seams by simple and essential lines, which is practical because easy to wear, can match both a casual look that look more refined. Feminine without being eye-catching is available in solid colors and in different patterns depending on the seasons.



The turban Karma it is a practical model, and versatile as consisting of a headphone and a headband removable of the same pattern or color. The headset is very simple and can be worn alone. Comfortable and lightweight is ideal for your moments of relaxation. Wearing the strap above the cap you get a headgear with a particular seal, and a volume delicate given by the shirred fabric of the band. Karma thus becomes a model suitable for a stroll or for an evening out with friends. Read the blog "Karma and Chitta headgear strap to be ordered separately"!


Finally the headband Chittalike the other headgear of the line of Christine Headwear, available in various colors solid color and in different patterns. Is a band of viscose bamboo with curl, and is slightly elasticated. It can turn into a headset that is lightweight for hot summer days or to be worn over a cap or Yoga combined with the headphone Karma according to your taste. Read the blog "Karma and Chitta headgear strap to be ordered separately"!


What are you waiting for to visit the website of The turban to give a look at the collection of Christine Headwear, and choose your turban!


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