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One of the effects of chemotherapy, as we know, is to make the skin extremely sensitive. You may experience problems such as dryness and brittleness. In particular, the scalpduring and after hair loss, can be very sensitive and sometimes sore. Protect it with a hat is certainly a solution that can help to relieve this feeling is to find some peace of mind. Are shown in turbans and headgearmade exclusively in natural materials, with which they are produced breathable fabrics and hypoallergenic, therefore they are ideal for the skin extremely delicate.

Here is a description of the natural raw materials used by the most prestigious manufacturers of headwear and turbans:

VISCOSE OF BAMBOO: this is afiber obtained from the pulp of the plant, 100% natural and completely biodegradable. The feel is particularly soft, very similar to silk. Has antibacterial properties natural and exceptional breathability. It absorbs the sweat keeping the skin dry and fresh and thus preventing the accumulation of moisture and the formation of unpleasant odors. It is also waterproof and UV resistant. The fabric that results is particularly well-suited for sensitive skin. Other special features are the resistance and the durability, even after repeated washings. 
















Christine Headwear, a Danish company, renowned for the attention to end user needs, produces headgear exclusively with natural materials and according to quality standards to ensure products are appropriate and safe.

The collection Soft Line Christine includes models made of viscose from bamboo which are distinguished for the softness and shine of the fabric but also the ease with which you wear (the presence of a 5% elastane makes the fabric slightly elastic and therefore extremely snug and comfortable).

COTTON: the fiber of plant origin, widely used in clothing and underwear that does not. The main features are its breathability and resistance to frequent washing even at high temperatures. Absorbs sweat and is gentle on the skin.

    Christine offers designs in cotton with belt long or short, in patterns or solid colors, or for the cold season beautiful knitted hats, cotton as the model Isolde. The new collection offers the model Joli in beautiful plain colours and various turbans with ribbons long or short term.

    MILK FIBER: fiber obtained from the processing from milk subjected to modern techniques gives life to a soft yarn and shiny. The milk fiber has high capacity of breathability and moisture absorbency and is an excellent heat insulator, better than the wool. The presence of the protein in dairy, rich in amino acids, as well as nourish and soften the skin, provides a protective germ natural. All these features makes the milk fiber with a fiber fresh and delicate, suitable for sensitive skin, capable of maintaining constant the temperature of the skin and absorb the sweat.

      Capella is the headset in the milk fiber of Christine, extremely comfortable designed for daily use. 

      CASHMERE:fine fiber of animal origin, particularly elastic and extremely soft and warm. It has also a considerable absorbent power.

      Cappello in Cashemere

        Willow soft hat in 100% cashmerenovelty of the collection Christine autumn/winter 2015/16


        As always Christine offers a model of the beautiful view and, at the same time, comfortable and safe for the skin!

        All products Chistine, in fact, have the CE certification of medical devices. In addition, the turbans in viscose of bamboohave also obtained the prestigious mark Oeko-Tex Standard 100that certifies that the fabrics do not contain or release harmful chemical substances.

        With the fabrics of natural origin you will be sure to wear a hat that fully respects your delicate skin, protecting it from sweat, from heat or from cold and allowing it to breathe freely.

        On the website The Turban you can find all the products from Christine Headwear, with accurate descriptions, photos, information and curiosity. Follow us on Facebookwe will keep you always updated!

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        Dove potrei trovare a Torino queste bellissime bandane? Grazie

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        2016 June, 30

        Vorrei conoscere i prezzi ed i modelli per fare un ordine


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        dove si possono comprare?

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