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In Italy are diagnosed in approximately 1000 tumors every day and are increasingly, therefore, people facing chemotherapy and manage side effects, including hair loss and dry skin, and sensitive. For this a turban for chemotherapy must be made withnatural materials and breathable,that have not seams that are too thick (irritate the skin), and must create the volume for the one who has the most hair.

Turbans for chemotherapy - features

Here are the the main features that a turban for chemotherapy should have:

  • Not to irritate the skin, the turban should be made with natural materials that do not irritate the skinmade dry and brittle by the treatment. Are good cotton, viscose, bamboo, silk or other breathable materials and temperature controllers, which help to keep the head warm in winter and cool in the summer. It is also recommended that the seams in contact with the skin are reduced to a minimum, always not to irritate the skin. The line Soft Line of Christine Headwear it is particularly attentive to this aspect, by realizing its products in viscose of bamboo, a natural material and breathable.
  • In summer it is good to protect yourself from the sun's rays: this is true for everyone, but especially for those who are facing chemotherapy. It is good to apply a very high protection and avoid the hottest hours. For this we recommend a turban lightweight and breathable, can block UV rays (for example this hatand the same is true for any headphone pool.
  • In winter you need to protect the scalp from the cold (it is made more sensitive by the therapy, and the low temperatures may acuirne sensitivity). The hat in wool keep warm but they can irritate the skin, this is best to choose a product in cotton, or cashmere, or made of wool only in the external part, not in contact with the skin. Examples are this beautiful model Christine Headwear cotton knit and the soft model Snow cashmere.
  • Last but not least, it is important to the psychological help that a turban must give to those who have lost their hair. For this I designed turbans that manage the volume: once worn recreate the effect of "swelling" given by the hair. At home you can wear comfortable headphones or headgear for sleepthat must always be made of hypoallergenic materials, natural and breathable. Finally, the most famous manufacturers of turbans, including Christine Headwear are always more careful to produce turbans fashionable, solid or in stylish patterns. The appearance, in fact, helps on the psychological side: look good in the mirror also helps the mood!

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