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Create you your turban!...you can do it combining the articles Karma and Chitta... playing with colors and patterns!

KARMAthe headgear "double", consiststwo pieces of the same color or the same pattern:a cap from the simple line anda band shirred fabric to wear over the cap in order to give it volume and a touch of elegance.

Karma gives you the opportunity to have TWO HATS, ONE! You can wear the two pieces together (as shown in the top photo), or choose for example only to wear the cap.


The band it can be purchased separately: article CHITTA available in the same solid colors and fantasies the turban Karma.

You can buy for example a turban Karma blue color (composed of the headphones + band) and a band Chitta in fantasy.
You will have two bands and a headset to match your taste!
You can wear the headset in blue, with the blue band, for a look that is simple and essential, or the headphone blue with the sash in imagination, to look more bright and lively ... with Karma and Chitta to create your own turban!

In this video for an example: the model is wearing the cap of the Black Karma with the band Chitta honeycomb ... watch the result!

Both articles are made in a super soft viscose from bamboo. And like all models in the line Soft Line Christine Headwear,havethe CE mark and theOeko-Tex,to guarantee the respect of the most sensitive of skins.


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